Friday, December 12, 2008

A stitch in time

That has nothing to do with anything, except the knitting is infecting the grade like the chickenpox! All kinds of kids are interested, and many of them carry it around with them and work on it in downtime. It's kind of freaking awesome. Even kids that aren't part of the official club are knitting!

Is it strange that these urban preteen girls and boys are LOVING a traditional domestic craft that, at least on flickr, is favored by upper-middle-class white women? I don't know and I don't care, I'm just glad.

Tomorrow I'm going to a knitting gathering, where I hope to work on a new, more complicated project (ie, one that uses more than just the one stitch over and over), and meet some new people. I need to get some needles for me and for the kids who are clamoring to learn.

We ended this week with a field trip with my grade. What a treat! As always, we left the kids with behavior issues behind, and the kids we took were awesome. Other groups of kids were loud, disruptive, and all over the place in people's way. Our kids were calm and good-natured and behaved themselves. Oh, and they were very interested with my fancy camera (you know I took several hundred photos of the activity)--I wish I could start a photography club! I'd have to have a bunch of cameras as well as, you know, knowledge of photographic principles. Hahaha. Anyway, a great trip was definitely a fun way to end this week.

And goodness me, I am glad it's the end of the week, because I feel like a slug.

Off to bed with me!


Jenna said...

It's so awesome that your knitting club is going well - I really think that it's having the tangible object at the end and being able to say "I made it!" that makes it so popular. That's missing from everyone's lives nowadays.

Schoolgal said...

I think this club is a great idea. And the kids seeing you as photographer may put them in a different frame of mind when it comes to classroom behavior (couldn't resist the pun).

btw, make sure any pics you take of the students have parent photo release approval if your school requires them like the DoE.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

These kids will probably remember knitting as the high point of their school days. What a wonderful gift to give them!

Anonymous said...

I was recently at my 20 year high school reunion -- well, a couple years ago I was there -- but some of my former classmates were talking about our 5th grade teacher. She started a crocheting group for whoever wanted to participate during recess. It was a mad success and interesting to me that every student in that class remembered it and had fond memories. None of us could really remember what we made, but it was the TIME she took to do something extra that made the difference. They will remember you always for this small gift of your time.