Friday, May 28, 2004

Happy Holiday Weekend!*

*Except for me, because I work. Back to the old college-days grindstone, when nary a holiday was actually a holiday for me. On the other hand, one always enjoys extra cash.

I have been working all week, it's going very nicely. The folks here are very friendly and have welcomed me. The work isn't demanding, and I have time "free" if I've finished my work. I'm having trouble with the early wake-up call, but I suppose that's only natural. It helps me appreciate the weekend that much more. My assignment has been extended through next week and probably more after that. Hurrah!

Yesterday I drove straight from the job in Kirkland to my job in Burien. It took a long time; there was even more traffic than usual. (It takes forty-five minutes to get here every morning! On the way home, it takes that or more.) I worked til 10.30, so I had a fourteen-and-a-half-hour day. I have another fourteen-hour day today. I am just about to leave work here in Kirkland. I work several days of the week next week, I hope I can get rested enough to get through it all.

Gotta run!

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