Thursday, May 13, 2004


No, not an actual arachnid (thank goodness! I hate spiders!), it's a solitaire game that I discovered on my computer yesterday while forced to be offline. It's a combination of FreeCell (which I suck at) and regular solitaire, and is quite addictive. Good times.

Last night was my second day at Starbucks. Most of the shift was spent off the floor, which is fine. I go back tonight and tomorrow night too. It's kind of fun being back in a store like that. It's hard to not be perky. And you all know that Julie =/= perky. But apparently I do still have a very social side to me, and this kind of job really forces it out. As the last few weeks have shown me, I really need that. To know that I can feel like, and actually be a normal person who can be friendly and effecient.

I was just watching the Travel Channel (I love their top ten specials). This one was the top ten superstructures or something, spotlighting places like the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the Parthenon (there were others, but I hadn't personally visited them). Watching it I could remember being at those places, the incredulous wonder, or boredom, depending.

The Colosseum was my first stop in Rome, the same day that I arrived by plane from Athens. I found a hostel, dropped my stuff, and had to head out again (damn lockout). It was SO hot, there seemed to be no shade in that area, I was really thirsty, but not enough to spend seven dollars on a bottle of gatorade. I got in and saw the place, and was like, okay, now what? Since it cost money to get in and to get the audio guide, I stayed as long as I could, but frankly I was kind of bored. It's hard to get really interested in something visiting alone, no one to talk to, no tour guide to explain the interesting bits.

Now, the Parthenon was a whole different story. Athens in general was just awesome. Literally, awe-inspiring. You can see the Acropolis from everywhere in the modern city. God, it was so incredible. Walking up the winding, slippery path to get to the plateau was an experience in itself. And then getting up there, seeing the buildings, blinding white in the bright sunshine. Even though there were tourists milling about everywhere, I was so awestruck and giddy and in disbelief that I was actually seeing the Parthenon! It was unreal and satisfying and mesmerizing. I wish I was better at finding words to describe sensations like that, that I could paint a picture for you to feel like you were there too.

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