Tuesday, May 04, 2004


My car is back! My lovely, shiny car. They washed it and vacuumed it and somehow unearthed the last two pairs of sunglasses that I had lost. It drives really differently than my mom's Focus; for one, the brakes don't squeal heavily (although I think they might squeal a little bit), and also, it sits much lower. In my car it feels like I'm practically sitting on the road. But it's MINE! Bwa ha ha! And I'm going to drive it three thousand miles in five days six weeks from now!

Saturday night I went out, on purpose. Joined a group of people at a karaoke bar in Federal Way. (The people that I know apparently only hang out at karaoke bars. Weird.) It was okay, if really loud at times. I don't understand how I can simultaneously be hard of hearing and oversensitive to noise. Anyway, and then I stayed up really late, having a fun nice talk with Rae. I woke up grudgingly at noon on Sunday and then went back to my old apartment for a really late brunch with Stacey and Raegan and Dan. Mm, food. There was bread and chocolate pudding pie. Like, not all in one dish, but two separate, tasty courses. Two mere hours later I went to the buffet place in Factoria with my dad et al. Could not eat much, but I did have a nice salad and some pickles. Mm, pickles.

Monday was not bad. I went to Burien for the health food card class...REALLY lame. In the evening I played some catch with some of the Bellevue gang, and then went for Thai food with others of the gang, where I discovered the lychee fruit, which is very tasty. We watched the conclusion of that stupid earthquake miniseries. In the scene with a TEN POINT FIVE earthquake going on, people are RUNNING all over the place. Obviously this "film" was riddled with lame-assedness, but that's one that really sticks out. If the ground is moving so hard that Los Angeles becomes a freaking island, there is no way that people, especially, a huge mass of them, would be able to stay on their feet at all, no less to run away from the incoming ocean. Puhlease. I guess it's my fault for deciding to watch it; I won't make that mistake again. No more cheesy sensationalist tv miniseries for me!

Today I went to a job, for about six hours in Fremont, on Julie's Landing. It wasn't bad work, the day went quickly. I got a call to work the rest of the week at the Bellevue Countrywide, and later I got a call to sub at Eastside Catholic for tomorrow. I also set up a classroom observation for next week at a nearby elementary school. And I got my car back and went to work out. Good, productive day!

The lady in the office where I temped and I had a nice conversation about travel. She was a military kid and lived all over Europe and the US. We compared stories; it reawakened my travel bug. It's not nearly as thrilling as traveling overseas, but I'm hoping the road trip will satisfy the craving at least a little. I think it will. Maybe I'll happen across a giant ball of twine or something. Who needs an Eiffel Tower?

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