Saturday, May 01, 2004

A lucky day

Why is it a lucky day? Because I found a four-leaf clover, of course!

I found it at Snoqualmie Ridge, while volunteering at Habitat. I hadn't been at that site in quite a few months, and the other one was full, so I went. It was nice. The weather was gorgeous, it was quite warm. I helped with some painting in the morning, and worked on filling insulation gaps during the afternoon. Sneezy and sweaty. I enjoyed it, though. It's nice to feel useful; it helped get the community center more ready for inspection, plus most of us donated our hours to Abby, a future homeowner.

I definitely am a wimp though, my legs and knees are rather achy. Ai. I came home, snacked on edamame, nachos and a brownie, and watched tv. SVU is awesome. Now watching Speed. Keanu is so pretty.

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