Friday, May 07, 2004

Thank God it's the Weekend?

I am so tired. The last couple days I have slept really soundly and been very unhappy to wake up after even eight hours of sleep. Last night I dreamt that I tried to attend an MC Hammer concert (it was cancelled and refunded) with family people, and then later broke a bracket off my braces. So I was all freaking out about what to do since I don't have insurance, and then I found my mom and said, what's going on here? I don't HAVE braces anymore! It was the weirdest thing. So I pulled off all the little white rubber bands around each bracket and piled them together, and then pulled out the wire connecting them all.

The night before, I was a Charlie's Angel. I think I was Drew Barrymore. I mean, I was me, but I'm pretty sure than Cameron and Lucy were there, so that leaves me as the Drew. We were fighting three dudes, and then we liked them. There was a cliff. Possibly also dancing.

You can't make this shit up, man.

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I'd worked out really hard. (You know, that body tiredness, weary muscles that feel kind of weak) Except I hadn't. Well, I did on Tuesday. Which doesn't exactly explain the feeling on Friday morning. All day yesterday my stomach was misbehaving, so perhaps that distracted the rest of me from feeling achy. But man, I feel worn the fuck out. Plus, I banged my elbow region on a cabinet right before leaving work, and it hurt really bad. Then I tried to work out and couldn't put any weight on it. It hurts to bend my elbow past ninety degrees and to straighten it all the way. Waah for me. Anyway, I think I'm going to revert to lazy bum mode this weekend.

I actually did pretty well this week. I worked four days. (However, I am watching "Best Week Ever" and have no idea about any of these references. Hm.) Next week I have three days already full. It's possible that the Bellevue office might request me to temp again, to which I respond in an inner monologue chant of "four hundred dollars a week, four hundred dollars a week, would solve all my problems, four hundred dollars..."

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