Thursday, May 06, 2004

An irritable day

I definitely made the right decision to leave the mortgage industry a few months ago. Yesterday I started temping again at the Bellevue office from a couple weeks ago, and I'll be there at least through tomorrow. Some of the people are really nice, plenty have introduced themselves and been plenty friendly, but some are just...not. And demanding. The work is silly, which obviously I can handle, but since I know it from before, and I spent WAY too much time doing this silly work, it's more difficult to while away the hours doing it now. Grr. Plus, everyone keeps their cell phones ON, so they ring all over the place, even when they're not at their freaking desk, so the rest of us have to listen to the goddamn thing RING and RING. That is so incredibly rude, people. If you absolutely must have your phone on while AT WORK (which you shouldn't, because IT IS RUDE), put it on silent or vibrate, or on 'ring once.'

So. Work was dumb. I like money.

I am planning on leave for my road trip five weeks from today! That will leave me seven or so days to get there, which is good because I'm planning on five and so there will be some wiggle/delay room. Sometime soon (how soon?) I'll have to start thinking about what to bring and what to leave. So far I'm thinking about a couple bags of clothes, the computer but not the stereo, bath stuff, some important bedding (ie, my favorite blankets and all my stuffed animals), and, that's pretty much it. Just the very basics, or as basic as I can get without getting too desperate.

I'm watching Friends. Are you? I hate saying goodbye. Not like these are real people or anything. But it reminds me of saying goodbye to real people, which I've done and which is really really hard. Aw, I miss Fire 4.

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