Monday, June 21, 2004

Back to the city

Hi all again.
This past weekend was truly a great one. I had a lot of fun with new and old people, seeing all our old haunts, taking pictures of the sunset at the Point. A bunch of guys live in my old house on Fourth street, one of whom is friends with Brodie from back in Bellingham. Crazy small world, eh?

Hey, speaking of small world, get this. I've been getting nervous about whether I'm doing the right thing, and nervous about getting my bearings in this huge place, etc etc. When I checked my email this weekend, I'd gotten a message from, a travel site where people put up travelogue type information. I've got a few entries from a couple trips I've done in the past. Anyway, this particular message was a Community Update about New York, with member notes spotlighted. And the first one in the email is MINE! I felt all famous and excited to be noted in this space. And like it was a sign, reminding me how incredible this city is. Reading it in my own freaking words kind of brought me back to my senses about this whole thing. How can this not be the right thing to be doing?

Yesterday evening I met up with my cousin who moved here earlier this year. He's working in theatre, the lucky bastard. He found a loft apartment near the WTC, that's cool but teeny. Anyway, it was really nice to see a familiar face, and it was fun to catch up on stuff.

Later in the evening, back in the apartment, I was sitting around, chatting on the phone, when this giant roach scuttled out from behind another chair. It was huge-like two inches. I've only seen small ones before and was really hoping I would not experience this kind of them...god it was so gross. It freaked me out, especially when it started crawling up the walls. They can CRAWL UP THE WALL. TO THE CEILING. Not to sound like a typical scaredy-cat girl, but EW EW EW EW. Absolutely gross and icky and disgusting. Blech. I sucked it up with the extension on the vacuum and then stuck the extension up against the wall in the hopes that it wouldn't be able to crawl back out. YUCK.

Anyway. This afternoon the fellowship officially begins. I've got a little over an hour to get up to Lincoln Center. I'll probably find a bookstore to chill in for a bit. Fuck, I need to find some study resources for the tests I have to take this weekend. Eek!

Yesterday and today were considerably less humid and sticky. I am terribly grateful. Keep it up, weather.

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