Friday, June 11, 2004

Well, now.

I was awake a little after 9 this morning, but I stayed in and read until noon or so. I also continued to work on my homework. Just have to finish question 4 and then polish everything.

I retrieved some boxes from the garage, but that's all the progress I've made so far today toward packing/sorting/whatever. Meh. I did call about my car insurance. One more tick on one of my lists. I'm feeling a little lethargic, or just lazy and bored. Blah! See, I can't really do a thorough pack because most of it is everyday stuff--clothes, bedding, the computer. I've got four whole days left, I don't know what I'll need before next Tuesday. I suppose that in theory I've got plenty of time, what with only two shifts left and a couple other things in my schedule.

I'm so bored I don't even want to watch tv! Now that's dangerous.

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