Thursday, June 10, 2004


I have two beautiful, glorious days in which I do not work!! Hurrah!

I am really excited about not returning to the temp job. The people were friendly, but the stupid filing that just went on and on, ugh. And one of the people who directed me kept saying, oh I thought you might not come back today! And I kept thinking, dude, don't give me any ideas! Anyhow, now I get to sleep in, ooh for the rest of my week.

I leave in less than a week! This time next week I will be sound asleep in Brooklyn. How weird.

So work tonight was a disaster. Literally. For the first solid half-hour, everything went wrong. I spilled things, knocked things over, made drinks wrong, etc etc. It was awful. I should have cried. My coworkers were very patient and supportive, though, which was lovely. They are a good bunch.

Oh, I can't wait. To sleep in! To check things off my numerous lists! To go shopping! Eee!!

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