Saturday, June 12, 2004

Well, it was sort of sunny there for a minute

But now it looks like it's graying over again. Oh well. Summer schmummer!

Yesterday I did end up making a little progress on the packing. Or at least, throwing some things on my suitcases. Anything is better than nothing. Hurrah.

The rest of the day I was bored. That bored where you're too bored to do anything to avoid the bored-being. So in the evening, I semi-reluctantly went to the Bodyflow workout. They were doing a new routine, which I suppose is nice. It went okay. It's been a few weeks since I worked out. Mostly because I was working at the times when I normally would go. Although this week I could have gone, but I just didn't. So there. Anyway, I could definitely feel the workout. At the meditation, I was thinking for some reason about my old team. (Most of the time, I don't really have 'thoughts' while at the meditation, so this was a little unusual. I totally wasn't paying attention to the instructor. Hm.) It's amazing that I can still picture things exactly. I wish I remembered more things, but there were so many things happening all the time that's it like they all crowded themselves out of my head. But I can remember just what living in the Bridgeport house was like--that we never had enough dishes, that we never had any group dishes, how sleeping on the floor on little folding mats really wasn't too bad. And just Perry Point itself was incredible. What a location! The mornings I remember as always sunny and chilled. I remember the spiders and cobwebs in and around the houses, and the giant crickets too. I remember the easy jaunt to anyone else's house. The way we all were right there, but had our very own government houses. Ah, the Klein's trips! In the summer, there was a place right off the road behind the little post office that had a swamp-like area of giant warm puddles.

Anyway, there was something magical about that whole experience that I just can't help but remember a little too fondly. There was certainly a dark side. In any case, that's why I am thrilled at the chance to go back to the Point and see it all again. And a little heartbroken that my teammates won't be there to share it with.

Whew. Okay, done with the waxing sentimental, for now anyway. Heh, just watch.

Later in the evening I joined some friends in watching movies at their house. We watched Miracle. It was nice. I always enjoy a good sports flick. Then two of us stayed up to watch Something's Gotta Give. It was cute and funny, like everyone said. But man, it went on for-ever! The middle felt like it should have been the end. Anyway. The loneliness that the main character felt really resonated with me--that she felt completely undesirable and so better to stay alone. But the best part of the movie was the very end, in Paris. I figured there was no way they'd actually film in Paris and would have some cheesy set replacement or whatever. But no, that was the real thing! The first thing I saw that was true was those poles on the sidewalks. They're sort of parking meters but without the meter part, set at intervals down the sidewalk, and painted a dark purply color. The street that connected the Place Monge and the Rue Mouffetard had those. I walked that street several times a day to get between the hostel and the Metro. Then, of course, they're standing on the bridge in front of the Hotel de Ville. And the Conciergerie was visible in front of them. Oh goodness, how that made my heart ache! Though I've vowed to myself not to go back there until I've seen the many other places in Europe on my list, something about Paris will always call me, will always be home to a little part of me. I just love Paris! There's a part of me that's always thrilled at being in a big city, especially so in a foreign city. But for Paris, that thrill is exponentially magnified. Every time I go I find something new to love. It seems so cliche and trite, but god, what an incredible city! The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tourists...the central area on the river at night alone is breathtakingly gorgeous.

I must stop, I'll depress myself! I'll let you in on a little secret--I've been thinking about another perk of living in New York. Airlines like British Airways and others often run fabulous specials to Europe from NYC/JFK. Hm, vacation!

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