Saturday, June 19, 2004

Pardon my french

But holy fucking shit this is crazy. I'm sitting in the computer lab in Perry Point right now! It still has the same smell to it. And the computers are slow as ever. Nothing has changed!

I keep exclaiming how crazy and weird and awesome it is to be here. Thankfully there are others who share the sentiment (thank goodness). I am loving it, having so much fun with other alumni and current corps members. Even hearing the local accent!

It's been a really great weekend so far. I'm so happy that I came to this. To my absent teammates, you suck! Just kidding, I really wish you guys were here to share this crazy deja vu type stuff. Hey, speaking of the Rendez-Vous, it's still the happening place. We played shuffleboard last night! I also got the recipe for a sweet tart, my favorite drink that no other bar has even heard of. Hurrah!

I will write much more at a later date.

Go volunteer!

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