Wednesday, June 02, 2004


When I first worked at the mortgage company, I had no trash can. So all of the junk I accumulated at my desk, I had to keep in a pile. Then I found a plastic cup to put it in. I used a two-hole punch with all the papers, so you can imagine that as the time wore on there was a good lot of little paper holes from the bottom of the hole punch. I stored them in a separate plastic cup, because I thought that it would be a nice physical representation of all the work I did. And, because I'm weird. That silly practice stayed with me even after I obtained a trash can, and so I had cups full of paper holes (un-holes?) in my desk drawers, that then spilled over and other people saw and wondered what was wrong with me. So eventually I found a jar, and put them in there. Much later, at some point someone wanted to have some confetti, so my little jar of holes came in handy. But several people made fun of me regardless.

Last week I found myself playing a game with staples. With the mail/invoices that come in, I have to remove the staples and then rearrange the papers and restaple. So after awhile I tried to 'catch' all of the staples that I took out on the side of the staple puller. The side actually filled up with staples, and then I had to end the game before I could see if the other side would fill up with staples.

If I'm sitting on the floor cross-legged, I always end up rocking either back and forth or side to side, without even knowing it. And it's impossible to stop.

I love Little Debbie Nutty Bars (who doesn't?), but I can only eat them layer by layer. It's just a waste to do otherwise.

There is no shame in our humanness!

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