Monday, July 04, 2005

Blah blah, independence blah

I surely meant to go out and walk around and enjoy this nice weather...but I didn't. I got caught up with well, sleeping in and watching television. And some reading (of school related stuff! Can you believe it? Me neither!). Plus I worked on my pile of crap that I brought home from school. Here's one thing that I'm excited about:

These are all the books I acquired in my classroom this year, that actually belong to me.

Some are my personal, childhood books, some are from an eBay lot, and a good number are from book orders (God Bless Scholastic!). Look at all of them!

I suppose that when I say that I'm really eager to read the ones I haven't yet, to reread my favorites, but especially that I can't wait to read all the Harry Potter, it goes without saying that I am nerdy and pretty lame?

Hello, it is SUMMER, and I am FREE, and I want to READ.


Nancy said...

if you're nerdy and lame, you're not alone. i would consider quitting my summer job just to be able to read all the books I bought but fortunately, my job is part-time, so maybe I can find some time to read! have fun!

Fred said...

Read on! We'll be looking for some of your top selections.

I actually do it in reverse; I take a break from reading during the summer.

Jules the Crazy said...

nancy: that is the great thing about having to take public transportation--lots of reading time!

fred: you stop reading in the summer? must have lots of projects and things to do instead, which is cool, and i suppose better :). i am always reading, no matter where i am or what time it is or when in the year--i never go anywhere without a book!

Anonymouph said...

Read on, girlfriend! You're making me want to go to the library right now!!

Guess what? I just got my DonorsChoose ( proposal funded. I really wanted this one student of mine to be able to go to tennis camp this summer, and now, at the last minute, she's going to be able to!!!!! I'm SOOOO HAPPY!

Jules the Crazy said...

ooh, congratulations!! that is awesome. and for a student, too.

i keep forgetting to post that my donorschoose proposal got funded recently, too: 35 dictionaries and 35 thesauri. whee!

today i began rereading harry potter (for the umpteenth time), i will go through all five books hopefully just in time for number six. i can't wait!

Fred said...

Summer is home improvement and travel time. Also, instead of scanning the newspapers, I actually read the entire paper.

So, I guess I am reading in a way...

H0kie Erin said...

Reading is my summer job. :) Good choice! I also began rereading the Harry Potter books so I will be ready to start number 6 AM...when I make hubby take me to go get it.

Obsessed? I think not.
Nerd? Ohhhhhhh most definitely.