Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Yesterday and today the humidity has been so high that you can actually see it. The haze gives everything a slightly foggy, dull look, like the before shot in a Claritin commercial.

In spite of that, I walked to school today. I wore shorts and a tank top, packed only the essentials (notebook, class folder, snacks, water, wallet, walkman, book, cardigan) into my TF tote bag, and set off at a fairly brisk pace.

It was good free time. I didn't even open my book while walking; I just let my mind be. I thought about walking, and exercise, and how I should really do more of both. I thought about how things will be different when I bring my car out here. I thought about how fucking hot and humid it was outside.

Normally--and I suppose when I say that I mean when I'm in Seattle--I don't really sweat much. It doesn't get that hot. I certainly get sticky when it's warm or when I'm working outside. But rarely is there actual dripping sweat.

Here in the Big Apple, though, it's a different story. Sweat was rolling down my temples, and into my nose, and down my chin (I had no idea that the chin could sweat, but mine did today). Near the end of the walk, I looked down and saw that my nice clean tank top had sweat spots on the tummy. That splotchy look that could pass for going through a sprinkler, except isolated in a six square inch area. That look that is usually reserved for men running around playing basketball or something.

"Ladies glow, men perspire, and horses sweat." Ha.


We had a midterm this afternoon, and it was totally fine; I knew all the answers. It was only fifteen questions, and it only took me fifteen minutes. This program has helped me realize that I'm a good test taker, and I have a good enough intelligence and memory to always do well on tests. Some of my colleagues are not good test takers, and I just don't know how to empathize with that. Which is a problem because that's a big issue for teachers: students who just can't take tests. Who forget all the things we reviewed all year. Who ignored the helpful clues and tricks they were taught repeatedly. Who didn't feel the need to use time-saving strategies to be sure they finish the stupid test. Argh.

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