Friday, July 08, 2005

Last night after class, one of my teacher classmates and I went to see Mad Hot Ballroom in a nearby neighborhood. It was so great! The kids were cute and funny and earnest and weird, and good dancers, and the instructors and teachers worked hard but just wanted the kids to have fun and do their best, and every race is represented, and oh, it was fantastic, we both loved it. Go see it!

If you aren't convinced yet, it's because I'm a horrible writer and descriptor. So go read what Ms Frizzle has to say, as she is way more eloquent than I. And I agree with everything she said about it.

And then, once you read that, figure out when and where you can go see it. It will be worth it, trust us! We're teachers!

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Fred said...

Looks like a great movie. Thanks for the tip!