Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Thank god summer session is almost over, and Other Miscellany

All weekend, I could not bring myself to do any work. As I've mentioned, that big-ass project is due on Thursday, and I had another little paper due today. Did I do anything about those things on Friday? No. How about Saturday? Nope. Sunday? Certainly not. Monday? I did some printing. Finished the paper in about ten minutes.

I just could.not.resist Freecell and movies and books and music. Pretty much anything other than work. On the other hand, I did get to sing the Ascot Gavotte song along with My Fair Lady. That's so my favorite number, from when I was in the chorus for my middle school production. For most of the show, I played "Cockney Number Four," which the music teacher/musical director invented for me (there are only supposed to be three Cockney parts). I even got my own two-line solo. Anyway, we also got to play the members at the Ascot Races. I had so much fun posturing and over-enunciating, like a posh English socialite. Whee!


I skipped out on diversity class today, because I wanted to go to a book-signing in the city. Not to be a total slacker, I brought along all the article resources I'd printed out. I got the bookstore, had a snack, and highlighted/noted my way through ALL of them. Yay for me! I understood all of the articles, and they were quite fascinating. (I'll be posting later, don't fret. :))

The book reading was by Danny Wallace, author of the HILARIOUS Join Me, for his new book, Yes Man. The reading was quite entertaining, through the actual text, the witty binter, and the slightly-stalkerish questions of a middle-aged woman. Here I am with the funny man himself. Cute, too! :)

Right as soon as I got home, I got to work on the project. There's two parts, an annotated bibliography and a lesson/reflection paper. As of now, I'm half through the annotating, and I already have a lesson I'll use. Set the alarm for bright and early tomorrow to get more done.


I got 103% on my midterm from last week! Look at the big brains on Julie...


Girl with ZERO volume control on the bus, also sporting a touch of nasal New England lockjaw: "Oh my god, my dad never gives me money. 'Waah, I had to buy coffee this morning.' 'Grr, why don't you just MAKE some coffee?' Or go the movies: grr, just wait til it comes out on video! grr!' Really, it's gotten to be psychotic. Oh my god. But my sister will lend me money, 'cause she knows I'll, like, pay her back. My brother, he never pays her back. He finally has his first job. He's, like, 32, and he's so excited to have real benefits, and everything."

Did I mention zero volume control? That's why I got to hear entire fucking life story. What is the moral of this tale? Keep your goddamn voice down when you're in a crowded public space. It's called common fucking COURTESY.


Food for thought from tonight's local news: Would the neighbors have called the feds if the five unemployed engineers next door had been white instead of Egyptian?


Fred said...

Woo hoo! Nice job on the midterm. Heck, it's summer - you deserve a break; don't worry about taking it easy, we need it!

Nancy said...

I think you should frame that pic or put it in your wallet and pretend he's your boyfriend. Very cute!

kyle said...

I was the book reading too!

Danny's a champ. Good message and super funny. I had a few pints with him afterwords and he somehow even made the TV say yes:

you can read about it here if you're game!:




nice pic!