Friday, July 22, 2005

A Tale of Two Cities

If you have heretofore been unaware of the great "ist" websites, sweet and sarcastic relief is in store for you, my friend. Seattlest, in my humble opinion, is way funner to read than Gothamist. Check out the random links in the text of their stories, they will make you go "hmm" or "ha!"

Here is a list of salary values around the country. New York City is in last place, at 188; Seattle placed at 175.

However, with a master's degree and two years of teaching (which will be my status after my Fellowship is over next summer), I could be earning over $37,000 in Washington state. Though it would be a paycut in terms of gross pay, I would actually take home significantly more, since my fair home state does not have any kind of local or state tax.

Very interesting food for thought, hm?

Still praying for a contract though, in the meantime...


hedgetoad said...

No state or local income tax in Seattle, but you do have to add back in car payment and insurance, plus the extra hours you waste sitting in traffic. Oh, and food is not only more expensive out west, but worse quality.

Fred said...

Don't come to Florida. It takes 19 years before you cross over the $40,000 mark. Of course, we have no state income tax, maybe that makes it worthwhile?

Joel Kleinfan said...

Besides, you're a good teacher and the NYCDOE needs you! To entice you to stay, we're going to have a new contract before school opens, with a nice raise.