Saturday, July 02, 2005

God, I am braindead.

Perhaps it is because I went two full days without leaving my house. Yep, apparently I am a hermit in my time off. Actually, if you've been paying attention, you knew that already.

So I took my lazy ass out of the house tonight to see a movie that is now only playing at a smaller theatre nearby. I had never really been on that street, even though it's pretty big and the same distance as the other big road nearby.

The theatre was showing six movies, on the smaller-screened little rooms that you find in crowded cities. I could hear War of the Worlds through the wall. In the lobby was a small concession stand that featured popcorn, soda, and a few candy choices. That's it. No "super combo choices," no nachos, no icees, no hot dogs, just plain old movie food. Before the showtime, the screen was dark and some music was playing. The lights went down and a preview came on. That's right, NO commercials and a single, solitary coming-attraction. My friends, oh, it was magical!

As I walked back toward my street, I completely forgot where I was. I would have sworn to anyone that I was in a small town in New England. Along that strip of this citylane were zero chain stores or restaurants. Instead there were small shops selling trophies, tile, antiques, a realtor, a pizza place, and a couple delis/restaurants. Only a few locals were strolling on the quiet, dark street. It was quaint and cute and great. I had to remind myself that this too is a part of the mystical New York City.


I dreamt about the first day of school again last night. I think it was in a stable. Ha, there's an apt metaphor just ripe for the plucking!


Um. Yeah. Boring!


Fred said...

After school ended, I did the same thing. I stayed in my chair and watched TV and read for three days. I didn't do a damned thing.

Boring is good.

Anonymous said...

I just finished my 2nd year as a teaching fellow. I have also been having the first day of school dream...and the kids are out of control not listening to me...definitely a nightmare.


Veteran Teacher said...

I've been a teacher since 1971, and I've been having the "first day" dream since 1972. After a while, I began to realize that it's a dream ... DURING the dream. It's permanent!

NYC Educator said...

You know, I'm just fed up with movie theaters that charge you 6 bucks for popcorn that comes out of a yellow garbage bag.

I know it's a little off topic, but it had to be said.

Jules the Crazy said...

well, at least i know i'm not the only one with school on the brain during the summer...but i HAD hoped that it would be an early-career phenomenon. dang, VT, over 30 years!
I know; those "concession stands" are more like "ripoff central." the popcorn usually tastes like cardboard; that's why i only ever get it to drown it in fake butter. yum!

and this place, the largest popcorn was a mere $4. not bad at all! relatively speaking, of course.

NYC Educator said...

Your analysis of the popcorn crisis is dead on. But at 4 bucks a bag, it's clear you don't live in New York.

Jules the Crazy said...

ag: no, that was the whole point--i DO live in ny (queens)!

i had never been to a small, independent theatre out here, but obviously i will be there much more often! though not really for the popcorn, more for the experience/support of a smaller business.

oh, and i forgot to mention that the evening showing was only $8.50. that's as cheap or cheaper than the big theatres in seattle! and if i recall correctly, that's the price of a matinee in manhattan.

see, the boroughs do have their advantages!

NYC Educator said...

OK, Jules, I gotta admit you're a saavy consumer. If you're interested, another place you can get good popcorn is at BJ's clubs for 99 cents.

I work in Queens but live in Nassau. 13 years ago, when we were house-hunting, we were already priced out of the district in which I work. Now, the little 3 bedroom ranch houses across the street from my school are fetching 850K-1 million bucks.

So I guess I should stop complaining about popcorn.