Friday, July 15, 2005

phew, this week is over

It's been a tiring one.

I've been thinking about things on which to blog. But then, my brain says, "To blog..." and turns it into Billy Crystal's Miracle Max: "To blave..." and then I have to giggle to myself, because I am weird.

It's fun carrying around my Harry Potter books; many people ask me about it. Usually it's either "is that the new one?"--kind of a dumb question, right?--or "which one is that?" Great conversation starter. I'm nearing the end of number 5, and then of course, tomorrow I will be getting myself to some store to pick up the much-anticipated number 6. Whee!

So yeah, I've got lots (well, some) ideas for actual writing/blogging....what, you thought I was actually going to do that now? Haha, you must not know me very well. I am the queen of both procrastination and laziness. Plus, I am tired. So I will take to the bed again to finish my book.

But don't you worry; ideas are percolating in here. Check back soon for some great ideological discussions and stuff.

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