Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Study in Procrastination

I got on the train back to my neck of the woods with the full intention of getting some work done right quick. Yes, I told you! I'm trying to be a model student. Last week went well; this week will be busier, but I want it to go well too.

So I got home, unpacked my wlmrt goods, and got right to...

finishing Harry Potter #3.

Right after that, I studiously...

starting playing FreeCell.

After a leisurely half-hour, I bounded up, suddenly motivated to....

get in the shower.

After the shower, I promised myself, I would REALLY get to work. Promise. No more Harry Potter until I got some work done!

What did I do? I...

sat down and started perusing blogs. This one in particular was awesome. Go read it. Ahem. I mean, do your homework!

Soon enough, I got a phone call, which reminded me of today's goal: get most of my two papers done tonight, so that tomorrow night I can just put finishing touches on them and print the suckers.

Right after that, guess what I did?

No, you're wrong!

I actually sat down and nearly finished my first paper! The other one got mostly done on Friday, but I sort of meant to look it over today. It's still open down in the bar thing; we'll see if I do anything with it!

Meanwhile, I better check on that wily kid wizard...who knows what kind of wacky hijinks he might be up to with my back turned?

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Crabbi said...

Hi Jules, Thanks for the link. Great blog!