Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blah, Part II

So far this weekend, I have only left the house to go to school on Saturday morning, for an extra-help/tutoring gig. Hurrah for extra cash opportunities, goodness knows I need it.

The rain that lasted all day got to me, and the house too. There were two drips from the ceiling near the central light fixture. I've never lived in a leaky house before. I suppose it comes with the territory of living in a century-old building.

I'm bored and snacky and terribly broke.

Next week we'll finish up our short-story unit. Tuesday, the class will do some activities with my new resources from DonorsChoose. Will also do some compare/contrast about Columbus, after I read the picture book Encounter. Wednesday, we'll work on finding synonyms and adjectives to make stories more interesting and intriguing. (Oh, and I absolutely made sure to emphasize never starting with "Hi my name is/My story is going to be about"... god, that makes my teeth itch!) Friday, there will be two periods of revision and peer review. They will type their final drafts next weekend and Monday will be a publishing party/author's chair.

I need to do some four-square stuff, probably for a couple days, before starting our next unit on poetry. After the tutoring was over yesterday, I organized my poetry resources from last year. I have a ton of stuff. I figure that I'll confer with my colleagues to get their input on what kinds of things we should cover and what kind of end product we'll have the kids do. It's only gonna be three weeks or so, not exactly a full unit. Not like you need six to eight weeks for poetry, though.

And of course, gotta fit in some test prep too.

Again with the blah. I wish I could think of something to do. I wish I had some kind of involvement with people or organizations outside of school. New York Cares doesn't even have anything for tomorrow. Boo.


Nancy said...

hey! what about me? lol. see you tomorrow for lunch. i'll do my best to entertain you.

NYC Educator said...

After you do that, go see "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit."

I did yesterday, and I give it five carrots.

ms. frizzle said...

I second the motion to see Wallace & Gromit, it made me giggle for over an hour, which the blogosphere & the weather are not currently doing.

You could become a robotics coach!

You could volunteer at South Street Seaport (great group of people -maintenance over the winter, painting stuff, mostly, sailing in the summer).

You could head down to the Church of Craft for a crafts workshop (google it).

You could volunteer at HousingWorks bookstore or one of their thrift stores.

I often get the "such a big city but nothing appeals to me" blues/blahs. So, I hear what you're saying.

Fred said...

People actually go to the movies? We wait for the DVD, then watch it 50 times. Cost per viewing? About $.40 cents. I am a teacher, after all...