Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dear President Bush,

CC: Mayor Bloomberg
Chancellor Klein
and all teachers not sure how to teach the concept of irony

RE: No Child Left Behind??

Posted in a forum for new teachers:

ehhheheh...sorry to bother again, but I was helping my reading and history teachers grade papers today after school (we get along reall well, they act just like my older sisters) and we where talking about how teachers where over worked and under paid...and theres something ive been pondering on the way home. why is it, that if education is so important, that teachers are so under-paid? I mean, isnt the teachers as, if not more , important than the text books and supplies?? Theres like 100 mistakes in my math book anyways.. why do we even have text books if the government dosnt even bother to make shure everythings correct??

Oh. My. Fucking. God. You must be kidding.
It sounds like a student wrote this, which is nearly as bad as if it were a teacher. WHAT THE HELL kind of teachers has this child encountered to have them lacking so many basic mechanics skills? TWENTY-ONE ERRORS.

Still sure about no one being "left behind," Mr "President"? Still sure that your test-driven "reforms" can "fix" the broken school system, Mr Mayor?

Sincerely (well, not really),

A concerned and very irritated American educator


NYC Educator said...

Wasn't it GW himself, who posed the question:

"Is they being educated?"

Lady Strathconn said...

I had trouble just reading that post. I find it hard to read things without a red pen.