Sunday, October 23, 2005

Weekend Notes


Flushing Avenue is one of the worst-kept streets ever.
My directions led me on that street to the BQE, only that particular ramp was detoured. I successfully followed the detour and got onto the BQE, but then was past my exit. Frustrated and confused, I got off the freeway at Atlantic Avenue. I pulled over to the side of the road and consulted my handy Hagstrom atlas. And then I totally got myself to the volunteer site without getting lost. Hurrah! I was very proud of myself.

However, on the way back, I got off the BQE in Brooklyn. Big, colossal, stupid, moronic mistake. Metropolitan Avenue does not go all the way through; there's a huge, complicated detour in Maspeth. Ugh. Took FOREVER.

I stopped at Wendy's when I was almost home, because I felt like I deserved something a little special. Mm, butterfinger frosty.

Saturday Night:

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one hell of a performer. "Chicago" is one of the best stage shows, and the film version is also outstanding. "Cell Block Tango" is one of the best musical scenes of all time. However, I'm always disappointed that the disjointed filming doesn't let us just soak in the incredible dancing.

Anyway, I loved her opening number on Saturday Night Live. She's a fantastic singer, eh?

I laughed like a five-year-old boy *all* the way through the parody "Butt Cancer" commercial. Tee hee.

I went to bed at eleven and got up after eight. Ahhhsome.


One of my friends N and I went to Costco this afternoon. It took an hour to drive there, through stupid, traffic-ridden Astoria. I hate Astoria.

I spent way too much money, obviously, but I got a lot of stuff. For one, a snow shovel and ice scraper. Plus a huge thing of construction paper. Lots of snacks and other mostly healthy food.

We asked a lady at the store, and she told us how to get back to the Grand Central. Return travel time? Approximately twenty minutes. See? Stupid Astoria.


Fred said...

Sheesh, I haven't been on the BQE in years. Doesn't that always flood when there's any rain?

Sorry I've been absent for awhile - once I catch up with my new AP class, I'll be back on a more regular basis!

your math teacher said...

Butterfinger Frosty? Whoa. Is that like butterfinger pieces in the frosty or just butterfinger flavored?