Monday, October 24, 2005

Busy, busy bee

Damn, I'm losing my mind. All those hats are gonna implode my head or something. Sheesh.

At lunch I had three meetings. At the same time. Ended up with maybe ten minutes at each.

After school: two things at once; late for PD.

I stayed for two hours after PD; left at 5.30. Haven't done that since last fall, I think. But I got a lot done. I made three charts and completely organized my crate of test prep materials. That felt good, to clean stuff out and file others away according to skill. And I have at least ten practice tests all in a pile. Damn.

When I got home, I made two batches of cookies for good table work, and ate "dinner". I made three parent phone calls. (Annoying A HUNG UP on me! He's the one that tried to trick me last time. Straight to the cell phone, dumbass.) It was 8.00 before I could relax and be regular me again. Phew.

We keep getting more stuff to use. And I always say that resources are one of the most important things...but holy shit, I'm ridiculously bogged down with resources! Isn't that terrible? I just don't have the time or energy to go through the nearly two dozen books that are sitting impotently on top of my file cabinet. Bleh.

What *is* working well is exchanging materials--class sets of tests or practice things--with my colleagues. We know it works and we don't have to worry about time at or paper for the copy machine. Which is always a relief. Since, you know, we have other shit to do. Like TEACH.

I keep telling myself that soon, some of the things on my plate will be done and I can expend a little more energy and brainpower to all the others waiting to usurp its place.

...and did I mention that I'm going to be on a grant-writing committee for my school? So much for plate-emptying. Sigh..

Oh! I totally voted No this morning. Whee!

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