Saturday, October 01, 2005


**One month til my birthday! Whee!

**At the end of my writing lessons about descriptive writing yesterday, I told my students that "I want to see those drafts covered in SNOT!" Reaction: "Hee hee! Ew! Hee hee!" It's fun to manipulate little minds, bwah ha ha.

**When I walked Class 3 outside at the end of the day, these two girls approached me, as if they'd been planning and plotting about it. "Miss," they began, "did you used to be in the navy?"
Barely stifling a laugh, I asked, "Why in the world do you ask?" "Well, you stand up all straight, like in the navy." I just shook my head. "You guys are weird." "So that's a no?"

**I am feeling much more human today, much less aliens-camping-out-in-my-cranium. Yay!


Fred said...

Happy Birthday! (I always forget, so I'll get it in now.)

ms. frizzle said...

invite me to your party!

and you sound a little, um, incensed... not that there isn't reason... but... enjoy your days off...