Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh, the injustice

Not really, but that's a fun title.

At fifth period, Class 2 asked me when the homework was due.
"Uh, tomorrow, of course," I replied in a no-shit-sherlock tone.
"But we're on a field trip tomorrow! Class 1 and Class 2!" they chorused back at me.


I wonder when I was going to find out? I have an image of me standing in the hallway third period tomorrow, tapping my foot. "What the hell? What is wrong with these irresponsible children nowadays that they're ALL so goddamn late?!"

So I will teach only one of my three classes tomorrow. And for one period of the two, I will be in a meeting. So I'm really not doing anything tomorrow. I imagine they'll give me a coverage or two. I made some copies of fun activities to bring wherever I might end up. Who the hell knows.

So with this knowledge that tomorrow is a nothing day, it makes me feel better that in my head, today was already Friday.

Oh! One of the missing Scholastic packages delivered over the summer showed up in my box this afternoon! I was thrilled. Not so thrilled that it's THREE MONTHS LATE and some asshole had either tossed it somewhere or been hiding it, and not so thrilled that there's still a third out there in the void somewhere, but at least I now have possession of the materials that I am obligated to pay for.

Please, someone explain to me, why one would sign for a package WITH A TEACHER'S NAME ON IT, and then stash it somewhere. As in, where they CAN'T GET IT. Hello?!

And I'm talking about two packages that were delivered IN THE PAST WEEK, not just this summer. I'm actually here now, and my name is ON there, and you can find my name IN THE why hide what is not actually mine, but the property of my innocent students, who are eagerly anticipating the rest of their book order?

And for that matter, what THE FUCK is wrong with the world when CLOTHING DONATIONS disappear from the sorting pile?! Seriously, folks, grow some fucking scruples.

Um, apparently I'm feeling that title, after all.

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Nancy said...

Maybe it should be "oh the inhumanity!"