Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Boo. Sick.


I noticed it on Sunday: the sore throat and the increase in congestion.

Monday confirmed it. Very sore throat.

Monday night involved nearly as much nose-blowing as it did sleeping.

Today, Tuesday, was absolutely no fun at all. I took some Sudafed in the morning, thus avoiding too many noseblows. My head felt funny all day, and by halfway through 8th period, I lost all my energy. I felt woozy and weak and had to sit down and talk in quiet tones. (Not easy for Teacher Me.)

Of course, there was still tutoring after that! Boy, that made me feel better. Like I could feel anything other than blurgh, blah, wah. Math was even less easy to deal with in that state. The kids didn't understand brackets. Brackets! I looked at them dumbly, offered an explanation that did not clear things at all. I shrugged helplessly and another student offered their own interpretation, and they had to deal with that.

Naturally, I also had class tonight. I can't really miss the tech class, because the teacher goes over programs and assignments and you can't really make that up. Plus then I had an appointment for the thesis, an hour and a half after the end of the first class. Ugh!

I quickly got through the computer stuff. I also took advantage of the printer to run off some articles that I found last week about my proposed topic (vocabulary development). Then I went to the library and fully intended on taking a nap at one of the hard-chaired tables. I surprised myself by reading and note-taking on those articles. Who knew?

The prof was running late with the appointments; I got in there at about 8.50. Excellent end--or not end--of this sick day!

The sinus headache has now asserted itself. My appetite is nil. My nose is chapped and tender to the touch. My throat is still very sore. In short, I am neither a happy nor a healthy camper at the moment.

Conferences are tomorrow and Thursday. I leave for Prague on Saturday. Not much time for rest and recuperation.

Boo. Sick.

Oh, and it's Valentine's Day. Shut up, Saint Valentine.

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Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

It's this crazy weather on the East Coast - last night, I was bundled up on my way to Boston: hat, scarf, and gloves. Today, well, I had my window down in the car on the way to lunch.

Hope you feel better :)