Saturday, February 18, 2006

Holy crap! It's today already!

This week, which I was afraid would drag, since vacation sparkled like a magical oasis at the end, actually rushed by so quickly that I feel totally baffled.

Yesterday was Friday. It was the first day of a week's vacation!

I had to call Travelocity again last night, as my new flights were still not reflected on the site. I got real confirmation this time, and printed out my correct itinerary from Northwest.

Also, about 8.00, I finally began packing. Less than 24 hours is a standard amount of time to pack, right? I got a lot of stuff done, though. I will take a final look this afternoon before I leave.

In four hours, I will be at the airport, checking in for my wintertime European adventure!

My head hurts from staying up far too late watching a movie. I took some ibuprofen and hope it goes away in time to chill on the plane.

I am now headed to the bookstore. I received a gift card as a Christmas gift and haven't had a chance to use it. Now is the perfect time to get a few books! Hurrah!

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