Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Real Subtle, Universe

Remember how (or did I mention this here?) I could have changed my return flight from Prague and get home today (Tuesday) instead of Friday? For only $200, the same amount I received for being bumped off the first Delta flight? And that I figured it would be too much hassle, missing work and grad school and then going to school the next day with jet lag?

Well, dammit, I really should have staying in Prague. And the Universe agrees with me.

This morning, there was snow on the ground. What the hell? Where did that come from? I mean, I know I'm clueless and don't pay attention to the news and stuff, but usually there's lots of talk about snow long before it arrives. Hell, we get bulletins on tv just for some fucking wind!

I went out to my car in my trusty boots, only to find the telltale orange envelope under a windshield wiper. God, a parking ticket. And an expensive one! I tried not to let that ruin my day.

I easily cleaned off the snow from the car; it was like fairy dust snow! You could literally blow on it and it immediately was cleaned.

I drove not even a mile before some guy was honking and pointing...at my tire. Uh oh.

I pulled over as soon as I could, and saw that my right rear tire was completely flat.

Oh, great.

After some dithering and calling my friend/colleague who lives very close to where I live and had pulled over, I called in to school. No way was my day going to get any worse by going in to work. I figured I would use my time to get rested some more (I was propping my eyelids at TEN last night!), and work on grading papers and reading research articles.

I drove slowly and carefully around the block and came to a gas station with a repair shop. Within fifteen minutes, they had patched and filled my tire. It cost a mere ten bucks. While I waited, I started grading papers. See? No more procrastination!

Although I'm procrastinating right now, writing this.

But seriously, if I was still in Prague, NONE of this nonsense would have happened. Next time, let's all follow our instincts and travel for as long as possible, okay?

I hope everyone else had a wonderful start to their day!

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Gwennaƫlle said...

LOL Same happened here today where I live in France. Usually by this time of the year you don't expect snow. Yesterday was a bright and beautiful day and then this afternoon...SNOW! Well not much but still.