Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What day is this again?

I'm all confused-like. My classes for this semester started yesterday. I've had Wednesday classes for like four semesters in a row, so I always think it's Thursday after class. Alas, I *think* it's only Wednesday now.

The first class is a tech course. It sounds not too bad in terms of difficulty, if a little pointless in my situation (no computers in the classroom!). However, who knows the future.

The second course is research/thesis. You know what we spent the first (more than an) hour doing? Making a collage. Yes, we are grown, educated master's degree students. Doing a fucking COLLAGE. And you know why? Why we spent an hour with scissors, magazines, glue and construction paper? For a stupid METAPHOR about research and objectivity.

Are you freaking kidding me with this?

Once that ridiculous activity was over, it was 8.30. Class technically goes until 9.30. Naturally, we all pray that those professors don't keep us that long. Some of my classmates have more than an hour commute! Anyway, from 8.30 to 9.30, this professor went over the syllabus. WENT OVER THE SYLLABUS. For an HOUR.


The only good thing of the night: I discovered a straight-shot shortcut to school. It took literally three minutes to drive home, including two red lights. Sweet! I can walk to class in the summer.


Today for Class 2 I got to repeat a great, effective, but easy lesson that I did with 1 and 3 yesterday.

It was the first model lesson for the l!t c!rcle r0les, the D!scussion D!rector.

First, I quickly explained: they write thoughtful questions, and then ask them of the group, and make sure that everyone participates and contributes.

Then, I modeled by reading the first page of L!ddie, and creating four good questions.

Next (although I didn't do this with 1 yesterday), I did a fishbowl, showing asking questions and making sure everyone responds.

Finally it was time for the students to read and practice the r0le. They all wrote questions. When the reading was done, it was their first group d!scussion. They were to rotate the asking and r0le-playing.

They did SO WELL. They all participated; some tables had very animated talk going on, fighting to talk over each other. I heard some great accountable talk: going back to the book to 'prove', asking clarifying questions, all that good stuff. I was totally thrilled!

I had to stop the talking, and we shared as a class how it went, what was good, or easy, or tough. Then, to wrap up and summarize, they wrote a definition of the role in their own words, and we shared a few.

It was way more than one class period, but it felt like a perfect lesson. Hurrah!

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Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I can sympathize 100%.

My recent technology course was a LOT like your thesis class - or so it sounds.

My professor spent most of the class solving technical difficulties - you know, printing, making sure all the computers work, trying to figure out how to use a PC when she's only used to a Mac.

It was the worst 7 classes of my life - and a grand total of 30 hours of my life that I'll never get back.

But I'm transferring to a MUCH better school so, all is good :)