Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dude! Not cool!

An email in my inbox proclaimed:
"Important! Your Otopeni Bucharest, Romania trip booked on Travelocity has been changed"


My first thought: Holy shit!!

My second thought: is this fraud or did I have a blackout? Why the hell do they think I'm going to Romania?

When I opened the email and looked, it said the airline changed its flight schedule. Well, I should say so. They had me booked on a completely *different* airline, going from New York to Paris to Bucharest. BUT I was still booked on the same return flight, from Prague to Amsterdam to New York. Who knows how they thought I'd get between the two, or even if they noticed or cared.

Obviously, I got on the phone pronto and told the guy, "I think something's wrong because you're trying to send me to a completely different country." He was surprised too!

After a lengthy wait on hold while he called the airline, he said he got me booked now on Delta, going to Paris, then on Czech Airlines to Prague. My new arrival is only an hour later than my original booking.

I asked for a new email confirmation of this, he said he would have it sent. Let's hope to god it works. I'm showing up at JFK on Saturday afternoon, no matter what. My ass is GOING to Prague.


Oh, and I'm still sick. Did not sleep at all last night. Today the decongestant worked very well, but I had a couple dry coughs during the conferences. As I began to suspect last night, I think it will move to my chest soon.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because last year I got sick at least every month. This year, I think this is my second time sick. And it's been at least three months. So I'm healthier! Also good, because it appears to be moving on through at a faster rate than before (always the same thing happens: head cold, then a chest cold, with nasty-ass coughing and hacking). So we can cross our fingers that by Saturday, it will be nearing the tail end of things.

Obviously, it's bad because hello, sick. Also, teacher. Not to mention, more conferences and a late night.

It's Wednesday, I think. That means I leave in three days!

I visited my recovering friend this afternoon. I brought her DVDs to watch that she's (criminally) never seen: Chicago, Amelie, and Pirates of the Caribbean. As I was leaving, she agreed to take me to the airport (yay! thank you!) and asked if I was packed. After a moment of shock--because SHIT, I haven't even THOUGHT ABOUT IT YET--I shrugged dismissively. "Nah, I got time." Saturday is approaching very quickly and I better work on that!


Ms. M said...

I am so jealous!

Say hi to Rich for me : )

Anonymous said...

Good luck packing!
I'll be wishing you well!