Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm Back!

Sad to leave Prague, especially since it was actually clear and sunny for the first time all week.

I wonder where my next trip will be? Any suggestions?

As I write this, pictures are uploading to the computer. Get ready!


Mr. Lawrence said...

Hate to break it to you, but anyone that travels as much as you do is a "globetrotter," not a "nerd." When I think of "globetrotting," I think of James Bond. 007 is not a nerd. ;-)

Ms. M said...

You can come visit me in Italy this summer (if I get the job)!

ms. frizzle said...

welcome back - curious to see your pictures. I took a picture of a large ice cream cone in Amsterdam for you, although it's not that unique.

jonathan said...

Do you want your next trip to be more of the same, or totally different. If you want something a little similar, Budapest, or Vienna. Slightly off the beaten path might be Bratislava or Cracow. Berlin can be fun.

Last summer for me was Athens, a small off-the-beaten path island, and Crete (archaeology and hiking). I'm aiming this summer for northern Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria. (Thessalonika, an island or two, Alexandropoulos, a day in the mountains, Istanbul, maybe meet a friend in Ankara)

I love this stuff. I love doing it, I love planning it. I love reading about other people's travels and adventures (thank you!)

Gwennaƫlle said...

It seems that you've been to Paris...great....but have you seen other places in France? Next time you go to France go to Lyon instead. This is the city where cinema was invented, it is a MUCH prettier city than Paris, less poluted and as if not more interesting than Paris. Or go to the south of France but during winter.