Thursday, February 23, 2006

I hate this part

It is my last night in Prague. I am disappointed and sad.

Today was my busiest day. I got up and out of the hostel by 9.30 and got back around 8.30. I did some sightseeing and souvenir shopping, another walking tour, and of course lots of picture taking. Even more so than I might have otherwise, because until mid-afternoon, it was snowing!

I was excited. It was so pretty.

I really wish I'd had that fourth day! I could have gotten to a museum, and/or gone on a daytrip. There are lots of castle towns nearby, as well as a concentration camp.

I plan on being back in Prague someday to see all those things. I'm thinking I'll pair it with a trip to Vienna.

PS--for anyone who is traveling to the Czech Republic, and I do recommend it, go in the peak season! The higher prices and bigger crowds will be worth it when you have everything open, and some blue skies. I can't wait to see a late-spring Prague.

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