Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Guess What?!

I'm DONE!!!


I just turned in my tech portfolio, and my thesis is all ready to be turned in. "Class" starts in an hour and a half; the prof is making us "present" our action research to the class. That means we'll probably be here for two hours. Rrr. But at least it will be OVER!

Now I have to turn my attention to my online math class, which officially opened yesterday. Because I've been a bit preoccupied with going out of town, moving, shopping, writing theses, I haven't thought about this class at all, and I didn't go buy the book (online). So I ordered it last night and am crossing my fingers it gets here right fucking quick, because the chapter 1 assignments are due on Friday.

I took the pretest, and it was great. Nothing surprising or difficult. So I think this class--Contemporary Mathematics--will turn out well for me. The online-only thing is weird; I figure I'll get used to it soon enough. There's a lot of different places to go read and check. It's fine.

Woo!! Hurrah!! Finito!! I'm so happy and proud! Whee!!

Hey, now here's another stupid thing. When I got back from New Orleans-a MONTH AGO-there was a huge pile of mail. I didn't look at it because I had to get back to work and start packing. I put all mail and other vital into an Important Box. Wouldn't you know, four weeks into living my new apartment, I finally cracked the Important Box. I saw all the tax documents I got from the accountant, and I found a thing for graduation. It said to return it by APRIL 24. Um, oops...so I filled everything out right away--Sunday night, and crossed my fingers that they would take pity on me. Mama Melancholy is flying out next Wednesday to see me graduate, so I got a little worried that perhaps I wouldn't be in it.

So that was my first stop this afternoon when I got to campus. The lady kind of laughed and sighed but took my application card. PHEW! She gave me the important information, and then I went right to the bookstore and bought the outfit, then got the extra ticket for the department ceremony, which will be after the main one. It's on a Thursday, by the way. Have you ever heard such a stupid thing as a major college graduation held on a WEEKDAY?! Ridiculous! Nice way to get out of school, though.

So I'm all set to graduate, even though I won't officially finish until mid-July. Still, it will be a nice experience, I think. A way to celebrate all the difficult work that has been the past two years, even if most of it wasn't around the actual grad school work.

Ooh, I'm hungry. Think I'll go grab some food to kill some time.


Gwennaƫlle said...

we don't have "graduation" here. I wish we did.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...


You're finishing up - I'm starting classes next week. But only a year to go until I'm in the classroom full time.

I can't wait! So excited!

Real Live Woman said...

I took a few online classes last year, including a math class. It was weird at first, but then I got used to it. The hardest thing about math class was typing to show your work instead of paper and pencil. Now I'm returning the regular classroom this summer and I wish it was all online instead! Congrats on graduation!