Friday, May 19, 2006

My Wee Small Engineering Adventure


This was the sound of raindrops splattering onto my air conditioning unit, beginning at four a.m., as well as the gradual cracking of my sanity.

For the next hour, I alternately tried to ignore it, sing along to it, wait it out, and invent solutions to it. By five, I just couldn't take it anymore. So I got up and went to take a look. Mostly I was afraid of me opening the window and seeing the unit fall five stories and shattering, then me having to explain and buy a new one. And me, I am broke-ass and not about to buy a damn thing that's not food.

However, that problem was delayed when the window would not actually open, because the unit was screwed into the actual window frame. Hm.

But I was just too exasperated and exhausted, so I got my screwdriver and unscrewed the three screws, carefully. And nothing fell out, thank goodness. I easily lifted the window, and still nothing fell off the ledge. Phew!

I placed an old shirt on top of the a-c unit. Hm, still noisy. A dishtowel on top of that? Nope. Look around, ho-hum...ah, yes, extra bath towel. Fold it up, place it on top--perfect. I waited and watched the big drops pound the towel, hoping that they wouldn't pile up and make more noise. But it seemed to work, easily muffling the sounds. Hurrah!

I closed the window, rescrewed the screws, and fell back into bed, and blissful sleep.

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