Friday, May 05, 2006

Ode to My Students in Class 2

O, how you do such great work;
Paying attention, wide-eyed,
Eagerly attempting anything,
Producing interesting work.
O, how I do appreciate it:
Your intelligence and wit,
Your skepticism of
my weirdness.
O students, you are wonderful
And I love reading your work...
But still, I can't wait for the year to be over.


Now read these AWESOME odes my students in all three classes wrote! These kids ROCK sometimes. If you're lucky, maybe I'll transcribe some of the fantastic ballads they wrote.


O, you magnificent basketball,
you complete me
how do you do it
with your bright orange color
O, you magnificent basketball
you are so great
with your five thousand little dots
just waiting to be held
O, you magnificent basketball
you are so perfect
just spinning round and round
on my little finger
O, you magnificent basketball
you complete me


"Ode to My Thumb"

I sing to thee
O mighty thumb
Your armor be impenetrable
O how I love your flexibility
How you allow me to go through doors

O mighty thumb
How you give me strength
O how you push buttons for me
How, when I wake up, you greet me
By letting me up


O my bookbag organizes my books
O how it keeps my books safe
O how it's so special, I use it every day.
It is one of the most important things
I just use it most of the day
O how can I go to school without
My bookbag that organizes
about everything I use for school,
Everyone in school has it
School will just be different
without my bookbag.


"Ode to Rubber"

I love thee
O Rubber
You make my life worthwhile.
You make it able for me to buy boots, sneakers and high heels.
O magnificent O special O amazing Rubber
Never leave me.
Rubber that is on the cushions
On my pen so my fingers will not bruise.
O useful O necessary Rubber
Keep coming O Rubber
The buttons on that tv remote makes it possible for my brain to mush.
O Rubber O Rubber
I love you Rubber
O gracious O useful Rubber
O Please keep coming to me.


"Ode to Chocolate"

O chocolate
how sweet
O chocolate
ranging from white to dark
O chocolate
how you sweeten my life
O chocolate
how you light up my day
O chocolate
what would I do without you
O chocolate
there is no better joy than you

O chocolate
you are the best
will always be!


"Ode to My Notebook"

O, you're so organized
You keep my words
Inside you
Storing everything I write
I look back at you
To put the information
You have
Into my mind
You make me so smart
I just love to write in you.


"Ode to iPod"

O iPod, I do appreciate thee.
Always helping and calming me.
I always go to you when I need help.
I trust you to soothe me,
Always sticking by my side.
I will always appreciate thee.

O iPod, I do appreciate thee.
I can depend on you for anything.
Thank you for your entertainment.
You rescue me from boredom.
Thank you iPod, I do appreciate thee.


NYC Educator said...

My favorite is the one about the basketball.

I'm concerened that one of your students has mistaken plastic for rubber. I guess you have to allow for poetic license.

Nice work form your kids.

Gwennaëlle said...

Everytime I close my eyes I think of you

You are my only goal, the reason why I walk

And all the day long my only thought

Far from home and far from my family

You give me comfort

I stop dreaming without Ü

You own what I need to hold tight at night

So soft and so hot

Nothing can take me away from you

Because I belong to you and you belong to me

This may be easy but what can I say?



I wrote that the first time I went to the US when I arrived (I was always tired)...I know Shakespear would not deny me:-)

I liked the one about the thumb and the one about the Ipod (but this is only because I dream of having one)