Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm Back!!

Hi, friends and bloggers and internet in general!

I am totally moved into my new apartment--since Saturday--and am exhausted, and getting poorer, and getting annoyed with the kitchen roaches....BUT! I do like, nay, love, my place. It is shaping up pretty well. I have some plans for the floors and walls (shag rugs and photos, respectively), and still have furniture to buy. (Right now I have a pile of electronics instead of a dining table.)

Teaching has been spur-of-the-moment stuff, like tests and figlang review and such. Today I showed Schoolhouse Rock. Before I put it on, I told them that this was before their time (and mine, really), and it was cheesy, but it was still fun and good. They reacted well, and when I played songs second times, a good number were bopping and singing along. Ha! Adorable. Sixth graders think they're all grown and stuff, but give them animated songs and they're five again. Love it. The best part, as a teacher, is that they LEARNED stuff. They'd never heard of interjections, and after the song--which is very catchy--they did. I had them read and look for some in their books. There was some confusion, but overall, they got it. Sweet!

There is a ton of work to do on my thesis. It is due in three weeks. Less, actually. I have a decent amount done, but I need to finish the lit review, and do the whole intro, which involves reading three more articles, redo my results, finish my methods, get a consent form, get some tests back from the kids (yeah right, good luck, me), work on the formatting (which I will totally do first, as it's my favorite part since it's not actual work), and do the discussion. And put it all together. These three weeks cannot go fast enough!

Much more later, I'm sure.

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Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

In three weeks, you'll be winding down and I'll be starting up.

From May 30, 2006 to May 30 (give or take a few days) in 2007, I'll be completing my Master's. And the closer it gets to beginning classes, the more excited I get.

All these wonderful teacher blogs make me more and more eager to get into the classroom full time.

Great place, btw. I'm jealous.