Saturday, May 20, 2006

Progress! Woo! THREE DAYS...

Today is Saturday. On Tuesday, my master's thesis is DUE. Eek!

Up to now, as you all know, dear readers, I haven't kept on top of things quite as much as I should have. I did do some work, but it was irregular and sporadic at best, because my addled brain just couldn't handle much more.

This week, well, just Sunday, Wednesday, and today, I have gotten some things worked on, improved, and done.

This weekend was my dedicated time to really buckle down and finish this sonofabitch. Yesterday after school, it turned out that there was a last literacy workshop--aka fifty dollars--so I went to that. Then I found out that this morning there was a seminar/workshop thing in the city that would be interesting and also payable, so I went to that too. (It wasn't even a big deal to get up early enough for it, seeing as how I actually fell asleep around 9.30 last night. What an interesting life I lead!)

When I got home, naturally I stalled as long as possible, checking email and seeing what other people had to say about the Grey's Anatomy three-episode-finale. Whew. I very nearly began watching the other three finales I have not yet seen.

But! I am proud to tell you I found that inner buckle and...downed it. Or something. I got to work, anyway. I went to the sections I needed to work on, and I worked on them, and I finished them! For now, anyway; I hope to read through it all at another time to do last minute touchups. I have obsessively saved everything; in fact, I accidentally "saved" this post automatically. Twice. Durr.

I even have all the things I need to put in my appendices. (I love words that pluralize from -x to -ice!) I just need to print out labels and page numbers. There are some graphs that need fixing, but I'll have to physically cut and paste the correct info on them, and then photocopy them.
And I have one more assignment to do for this class, a reflection on my 'journey' during this class.

Of course, I still have that pesky portfolio for my tech class to even start, not to mention finish. Grr. At least I printed out all my pretty assignments already.

Which, ooh! I can't believe I didn't post about this earlier in the week.

This week, some classrooms in the school, including mine, received three resources. Brand new, technological ones. Two of them have monitors and keyboards, and one produces documents. Can you guess what they are? They are gorgeous, is what they are. I am in love with them. The last one is a COLOR instrument with laserlike speed. Oh man, did I mention the love?

The students are also very interested and excited. However, the same day we received them, I gave a solemn talk about the privilege and responsibility we have been entrusted with. We were chosen because we are trustworthy to use them in a good way. These resources mean we can do almost anything (except get a whole class on them at once), which is very exciting. We need to protect them so that we can use them and learn. I actually assigned a homework to write about ideas for projects we can use these technology items for, to get them to feel ownership and responsibility and excitement. I think it worked, because the first afternoon ten kids wanted to type their assignments. Awesome.

I must save and exit. And watch some tv. God knows I'm not capable of working at a computer for more than two hours. Salut!

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