Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Long Weekend!

I am LOVING the fact that it's Sunday night and I DON'T have to have the Sunday Night Anxiety.

On Friday, there was some anxiety, however. As you know, my online math course began on Monday. And I bought the textbook that evening. The prof assigned a pretest and a couple bulletin board postings. I could definitely do that, pretty easily, in fact. The first chapter was also assigned, which I patently could not do. The book was supposed to come on Thursday night. I figured, well, that's cutting it close, but I can get it done.

So, come Thursday, there's nothing. I checked the tracking, and it said there was no apartment number. Hm, that was odd, but I called and gave it to them, and the woman assured me it would be redelivered the next afternoon. Wow, really cutting it close, I thought, but I can easily come home, do the math all at once, and still have time to get into the city for some fun.

Friday afternoon, when I got home, nothing. I waited around for about 45 minutes, and then called to check that it still was out to be delivered. The person told me that the package was at the warehouse, because it's missing the apartment number. Shit, I thought. They're only open til 5, and it's rush hour on a holiday weekend.

I got in the car about 4, and I was happy to arrive at UPS in about 25 minutes. The traffic going the other way was nearly stopped, and that got me a bit nervous about the return trip, but anyway.

At UPS, the line to pick up packages was actually OUT the DOOR. It took an entire HOUR to get my textbook. I didn't panic; I just read my magazine and tried to be in the moment.

Staying on the local roads, I got home around 6 pm. No problem, I thought, I can still get this done pretty quickly and get on the train within an hour or so.

There were three homework problem sections to be done and submitted online. First I had to set up all the installations and web stuff, then the first homework set took me nearly thirty minutes to do. The second one didn't go much quicker. The third one only took like ten minutes. But I had a quiz to do too! I wasn't sure what it would be like, how long it would be, how difficult.

All this would be no problem, except it turns out the special someone had gotten tickets for a real Broadway show, starting at 8. I was so thrilled and surprised, and then crushed that this STUPID math crap was going to get in the way. At first I thought I'd make it. But it took too long to discuss and decide.

I did the quiz and it literally took me five minutes. Cake.

Then I thought I might try to make it into town after all, and get in during a scene change or something. It was such a nice thing that he wanted to do, and I was ruining it!

It turned out that he got stuck on a train and was late also. So we had a night out, but not the one we were supposed to. Boo, math!

Saturday was an afternoon road trip involving an outlet mall and a very small mountain. And today I slept past 7.30 for the first time in weeks, watched a movie and caught up on grading.

And there's still another day without work! Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for no Sunday Night Anxiety!! I too am enjoying this long weekend! Sorry to hear about your math class. Ugh.

Ms. Tinynose

ms. frizzle said...

So happy that things are working out for you guys! Hopefully we can have another teacher-blogger happy hour soon... :-)