Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday already?!

It's only one pm, but I've been very productive! Hurrah!

I crashed around 11, and staying up even that late was a stretch for LAME me. I was awake before 7.30 this morning! But I didn't mind because my plate, she is full.

First, I sorted laundry and got ready. At eight, I went down and got two loads started. When I got back upstairs, I started on my portfolio for the tech class. When I looked at the assignment again, I felt, ugh, maybe it's not gonna be as simple as I thought. But alas, I buckled down once again and got to work.

In the last four hours, I obviously got the laundry done, but also nearly all of the portfolio! I need to write out or copy some lessons to include, but it's mostly finished. Hurrah!

I have copies to make for the thesis and I tried to get all that ready and in my bag to get done first thing when I get to school.

I also finally opened the tax stuff that the accountant sent me a month ago. I need to send out all that stuff, plus a bunch of other things. So on the way home tomorrow, I need to buy stamps and also groceries. And then completely finish up both the thesis and portfolio. At this point I shouldn't have to stay home on Tuesday, but I suppose I'll keep my options open if I need to.

My online math class starts Monday night, to make things more complicated. So maybe I need to keep Tuesday for me after all. I don't know how I'm going to cram it all in.

Man, I feel like it's already evening. I don't want to work any more! I'm gonna get bored. I can't wait til it's Wednesday!


Schoolgal said...

Can I have some of your energy???
My laundry is piling up; I have major housework to do and report cards and cum cards are due by the end of the month.

I going to take another nap now. Wake me when Desperate Housewives start.

PS: Did u get a Smartboard???

Nancy said...

Hang in there! The end is in sight. Remember, the sooner it starts, the sooner it ends. That's what I tell myself to make myself get out of bed these days.

Anonymous said...

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