Sunday, May 14, 2006

Home Sweet Home is Getting Sweeter!

This is a "before" picture of the other half of my main room. You'll remember (or see, below) the other part, with the shelf storage and television/media stuff, and the bed is over there. This is the other half of the room. Except that until yesterday, there were at least seven medium to large boxes sitting, piled haphazardly, taking up space. Yesterday I finally unpacked those and attempted to further organize all my crap. (Which I can do, because I have FOUR closets.) And I brought in the other rug to prepare for a real set-up.

This afternoon, I think I completed my big apartment shopping trips. I bought another shelf unit, laundry stuff (because I was all set to do laundry this morning, only to discover I don't know what I did with my previous detergent), food and supplies from Costco, and other random things. Then I came home, and my super had brought up the new computer. And then the rest of the afternoon was spent in set up.

And it is so cool! I had bought this smaller, cream-ish rug on the first shopping trip, three weekends ago. It was sitting in the corner just chilling. Once I bought the other green shag rugs, I figured I'd put the other one in the kitchen or something. Then, yesterday, I had a genius idea: use the rug and turn the desk to create an office nook. Observe!

Isn't it so cool? I love it. The new computer is shiny and pretty. Look at the flat-panel monitor! I feel so lucky and happy.

Two cords were needed, but there were no appropriate plugs nearby. So I used my ingeniosity and got an extension cord behind the bed and under the bathroom door (which at some point will need to be secured down, but whatever), and I got an long ethernet cable, which I cleverly ran beneath the shag rugs. And you can't even tell. But what else is cool is that the two rugs, when put together like that, they look like one big rug. And the rugs feel really neat. We decided that when I finally have a housewarming gathering (second weekend in June, mark your calendars!), it'll be a 'sit on the fun rug and play games' party. Awesome!

I have to go because Grey's Anatomy is almost on. Whee!

I kind of hate Sunday nights, and especially this one, because I feel like now that I've worked so hard on my apartment, I deserve a day to actually enjoy it.

And I totally haven't done any thesis work this weekend. Tomorrow an Ameri-friend that I haven't seen in four years is coming to town, so I'm going to hang with her. And I have to finish a tech project by Tuesday night, so it's going to be a crunch. But Wednesday, I'm gonna work on it a lot. And all weekend, too. I'll even have a backup plan to take off school on Tuesday if I need to.

Hurrah for my new pretty place! Come see it in a month!


Nancy said...

ill come to your party if you come to mine! lol. place looks great and thumbs up on the office nook!

Gwennaƫlle said...

"We decided that when I finally have a housewarming gathering (second weekend in June, mark your calendars!)"

St-Etienne-NY in a half hour back and forth so I can be back home early enough to study (just in case I passed the first part of the CAPES). Then you see a weird french girl that you have not invited with a weird accent who just invites herself to your party. What a nice "housewarming" gathering.

H0kie Erin said...

Dude, you got a Dell. :) I just got one too. I had my brother search it out and we ended up getting a better computer for less money than their cheap model. So far, only nice things to say about Dell.

Your place is really starting to take shape. Glad you are excited about it.

Soon to be teacher said...

Your place is looking really nice! It's a great feeling to get things in order, isn't it? I know that how the space I live in looks has a big effect on how I feel.