Saturday, July 15, 2006


This morning, after unsatisfactory diner waffles, I went to the central library branch and picked out thirteen new books! And that was only in part of one section, too. I forbade myself to explore other sections.

I'll probably get through most of them in a week. In fact, I already finished one today. They're all rather fluffly. Among them are more of another mystery series I happened upon last week, Agatha Raisin by MC Beaton.

After the library, I made a trip to Target. Woo!

Oh yeah, the end of the summer literacy institute. The last day of the workshop, we didn't do terribly much. Hardly any effort to even pretend we were on track with the agenda. Happily though, we did get a third book at the end! We got Ralph Fletcher and Joann Portlupi's Nonfiction Craft Lessons. I am excited because I had already noted that one and its companion, Fiction Craft Lessons. They offer grade-level-specific lesson plans with specific resources named. I'd thought the pieces would actually be in the book, but a title and author is the next best thing. And there appear to be appendices with useful excerpts.

The weather has been just beautiful the last few days. After that spectacular sky display the other night, the humidity cleared off, thank goodness. It's been warm and gorgeous. I hear that will change soon, but all the same, I've appreciated it.

It's a boring Saturday. Now it's the nighttime. Bored. I just cleaned my bathroom. On a Saturday night. Wow, I am the epitome of cool.


Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

I dusted my bedroom, vaccumed the carpet, and wrote education summaries all day.

How's that for cool?

Lady S said...

we got take out pizza, went to Michaels and Borders.L