Monday, July 17, 2006

A Momentous Day!

Hurrah for this day, on which two very different and important things have taken place.

I have officially ended my student days--I am done with graduate school! I just returned from the last meeting of my very last class. Woohoo! In a few weeks I will have my master's diploma and degree conferred upon me. Most importantly, my work is done! Wow! I am terribly excited and also a lot relieved. Just yet it hasn't sunk in; I imagine it will once it's September and I have all my evenings to myself again.

Of course, this also means glad tidings for my bank account: in two more paychecks, the tuition withdrawals will end. And as soon as I get all the paperwork, I will apply for my salary differential! Most excellent.

The other wonderful thing that happened today was the birth of my very first first cousin! His name is Graydon, I believe, and he was born with utmost haste at noon. Very exciting! It's even more meaningful because today is also the birthday of one of my maternal grandfathers, who died on Mother's Day. Life comes full circle, yes?

A commencement day like no other, that's today!

And I plan on celebrating all week, and all summer, if possible.


Nancy said...

Yay!! You should celebrate by resecheduling your housewarming for August. Ahem.

Miss Browneyedgirlie said...

Congrats on both accounts.

I wish I could say my work is done - but it won't be for about 10 months.