Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer Swelter

Ugh! I'm just relieved that it's over.

I live on the fifth floor, and I have three windows that receive light all day. Normally that is okay, or even fantastic. When the temperatures and humidity make it about 100 degrees, though, it is not what we call a good time.

I had both fans going, and the AC. You can't feel the AC more than four feet away from the unit, so who knows if it was contributing to anything.

Duh, it wasn't, because I was sweating all day. There was no cooling to be done or had, except in the shower. Then leaving the wonderful refreshing shower, the muggy heat once again took over. Ugh!

The night was the worst, though. I'd hoped, as it had been working well the rest of the time, that having the fans going would suffice. After all, I kept one blowing right toward me. But this time, it was just pushing air at me, not cooled at all, and I couldn't get comfortable.

I've been staying up late reading anyway--cause I can!!--so, and this was around 2am, I turned the lights back on to read some more.

Then I had an idea borne out of sheer annoyance. I inflated my air mattress and put it on the floor in front of the AC unit. From there, I actually felt cool air, a lot of it! Whew, what a relief. I stayed up reading until after 3am, and even with the refreshing artificial breeze, I tossed and turned until well after 3.30. Eventually though, I did drift off. I even grabbed a blanket, to stay comfortable in the thankfully-cooler air.

I struggled to wake up at 11.15. After some television, I had to leave the house to find some cool air. I went once again to Target. Here's a fun twist! I parked in the garage, on the next-to-top level, so the car wouldn't be in the direct sun. Even so, when I returned with my bags, the key turned...and nothing happened.

Nada! It didn't even turn over!

I was perplexed and concerned and at the edge of panicky. What does one do when in a parking garage? Would I have to get a tow? What's wrong with the car? Will they still charge me for all the time if I have to wait for a service person? Does anyone still carry jumper cables? When was the last time I had an oil change?

I kept trying a few more times, and it started to catch and finally, THANKFULLY, the engine turned over and the car started. Oh, PHEW.

I stopped at a gas station on the way home, because one of my tires was really low. I filled it up, and then, the car wouldn't start again. Hoo boy. Once again, though, because the gods don't hate me, the car did start after a few tries. I vowed to park in the shade and remember to pour some water and coolant in the radiator before my next drive.

I went into the city last night and was so relieved upon coming home, as the storm had ended and so had the humidity. Relief!

I slept in front of the AC again, but I probably would have been fine without it. The fans were once again circulating mostly-cooled air. And I went to bed at 2 for real. Good for me!

Must remember to keep drinking cool water to stay hydrated. And I want to work out again today. If I'm gonna sweat, I might as well do something productive for my out-of-shape self.


Lady S said...

And this is why we don't teach in the summer. There is no way the penny-pinching school boards would shell out to pay for a/c for classrooms.

Schoolgal said...

Are u sure you got the right amount of BTUs for your room or do you just think the power was lowered?

I just found a great Pilates place in Forest Hills. I will be there tomorrow. I did spend Mon and Tues
getting pampered with a mani, pedi and massage.

I totally agree with Lady S because if we were scheduled for work on days like yesterday, I would have called in sick. The last few weeks of school were unbearable, and that was with temps in the 80s. I am not looking fwd to starting back in August. I used to spend just a few hours the last Monday in August getting my room ready. Those days are gone! Now I will show up the first day of work and will prepare my room when I find the time.

I plan to use some of your spelling suggestings too. Thanks for the tip. I will also review the book list you posted awhile back.

Keep cool! :)

Anonymous said...

car problem sounds like a starter issue. probably should get it looked at. eventually the car just won't start at all.
Mine did that for a few weeks and then, just when I had to be somewhere, it died in front of my school, 2 days before the end of the school year. parents kept asking, do you need a ride somewhere? no, just waiting for the behemoth tow truck so I can pay $50 for a 1/2 mile tow to my fix it man ...... if I had just taken it in earlier, would have saved myself that $50! Only about $150 to get starter replaced in 17 year old car.