Monday, July 24, 2006

An Apartment Surprise

Something I've been meaning to do for the last three months is measure and map out my apartment. I was bored this afternoon, so I finally got out the tape measure and went to town.

I was really shocked when I calculated the area of all the sections--the total square footage is under 500! Approximately 489 square feet, to be more specific. The outside wall slants, as you see. I took measurements approximately near the middle of each room and just used that.

But anyway, it sounds terribly small! But the space is used so well, with the hallway and the FOUR closets and the kitchen/dining area. I penciled in furniture as well, though I didn't label it. Still, it looks neat.

It's my own place and I do love it. One of my school friends who helped me move in finally came to see the updated version. She exclaimed how homey and cozy it is. (Maybe that's a euphemism for small....) And it is! With the rugs separating and linking parts, and my awesome office nook, and small folding table in the kitchen, there's plenty of room and character. The walls, sadly, are still bare. I'll have to work on that eventually.

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