Thursday, March 15, 2007

Notes from Students

From the Hydra Class yesterday:

Dear, Miss ___
Sorry for being rude and disrespectful the speach that you gave us made a lot of sense. We are very sorry for throwing papers, and talking and making all kinds of noises. I hope except this letter you are write we can be excellence!

[signatures from all the students]

From a kid in the same class who has been making good efforts to turn around, but who's been a bit talky and not-worky the last two days, after I mentioned that I might need to make a 'correction' phone call:

Ms. ____ this is the best class I have because when I walk into your class room I just feel good I don't know why. But to me I think you are the best teacher I have. Ms. ___ I just love EL @ because of you. So that's all I want to tell you and I like your shirt!!

I had to laugh and said, "Nice try! Sucking up doesn't work, but it's entertaining." And another kid calls out to the first one, "Oh man, you stole my technique!"

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jonathan said...

Was it a nice shirt at least?