Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Photos

This was for a Utata project (although it needed sepia tone; other requirements were a chair and back of a human body), but it's also an everyday sight in school. It took a few tries and zooms and propping on grammar books for the right angle, but this is the one I wanted. Look at my cute skirt and what I hope are shapely calves (I'm on tippytoe)!

These crocuses (croci??) were buried in snow a week ago as buds, but look at them now!

I don't know if there's a purpose to this mustard stiletto sitting on this driveway post, or if it's a joke or social experiment or something. Regardless, it's pretty entertaining.


hedgetoad said...

The shoe is from a drunken walk home... believe the voice of experience.

Yes, I walked home barefoot in Queens. Thank God I didn't have to take the subway!

Ax said...

Looks like you're trying to hold the wall up! :))

May I comment on your other photos?

Teacher said...

Girl, you are going to kill yourself staning on chairs like that... but on the other hand.. I must admit, I do the same thing! lol

Love that picture of the shoe... great photo to inspire a writing segment.

Thanks for the detailed info about the conference... I almost feel like I just went to the conference too! :)