Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who turned the heat off?

Dude! It's been so cozy and toasty in my apartment all winter. All evening I've been sitting here, wearing two pairs of socks, two pairs of sweats, long sleeve shirt and sweater, gloves, and a blanket. And I still can't really feel my fingers. Damn!

I finally finished up my online photo albums on Snapfish for our trip. Check your inbox, I might have sent it to you. If I missed you, send me an email. Or look at my Flickr page in the next couple days, I hope to have made more progress there by then.

Also, I bought a ticket for spring break! Just for a few days to chill out, nothing big. Still leaving myself room on both sides to SLEEP. And hang out for Someone's and my one-year anniversary. Yay. :)

Let's see. Tuesday 5th period seems to be the Time of the Demon. Third period goes fine with that troublesome class, then they have lunch and come back crazies. Kids around the room whistle surreptiously, and freely giggle and disrupt themselves. A solid bunch of good, hardworking kids in that class, and each day that I see them at this time, their time and mine is being wasted. I'm still doing better at not reacting harshly; I calmly erased class points. When they ran out, the class earned a detention, just like I told them.

Argh! Behave, you weirdos! Quit giving us all such a hard time!

I let the other two classes begin today with l!t c!rcles! We discussed two more roles, did a quick book walk, and I let them go to it. They did so well! Especially the afternoon class, who got to listen and read along. It was silent and they were all engrossed, wanting to do more. Stopping the tape seemed to wake them from hypnosis. I'm so totally cool with that. It's Br!dge to T*rab!thia (BtT) for the two lower classes, and Lydd!e for the higher-level class. I'm quite worried about how the midde, squirrelly class will do with this independent reading and role work. Grr! But for the other two groups, I am very pleased and I hope to continue having positive things to report to all you friendly readers. :)

It's already late; I should get to bed. I'm glad I have a cozy nest of a bed to snuggle in! Hope everyone else is plenty warm tonight.

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X said...

Yaaaaay! Brid&3 t0 T3rab1th1a!!! I LOVE that book! Nice choice, Teach.