Monday, March 26, 2007 is still Monday?

Wow, Mondays always seem like a whole week to me. Am I the only one?

Anyway, it went fine. My afternoon class had their first chance at l!t c!rcles. Last week we did a fishbowl with one group, and evaluated what they did well and need to improve. So today we started by reminding ourselves what a good discussion is like. Then it was time to actually try it. Ack, it was loud and I could tell that half the groups were totally not on task. I didn't say anything though. They quickly wrote a reflection of how it went, what their group did well and what they need to improve. Each group shared with the class. Many of them were upfront about the good and the bad, freely admitting that not everyone was on task, or that they need to work on taking turns.

When I got home, I had to call in about jury duty. And I have to report tomorrow morning! Hurrah!

Fortunately, I was expecting this, so I stayed after school to write down plans for the whole rest of the week, and have copies ready (for l!t c!rcle comprehension questions), and display them all neatly on my desk. I even changed the homework and wrote up the spring break assignment, just in case.

It's always exciting for me to have a change of pace, and do something out of the ordinary. And jury duty is a totally legit way to not be at school! Maybe it's wrong, but that makes me happy. :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to do jury duty. I've always thought I was weird.

Schoolgal said...

Which courthouse location?